Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes

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These amusing and entertaining poems are a great way to befriend science in small packages.

Celia Berrell is on a mission to impart science knowledge through rhyming verse. Many of these poems have been crafted with specific relevance to the school science curriculum. Students and teachers are invited to use them as a resource.

From teachers in Australia, USA and UK to students in India, South Africa and the Philippines, Science Rhymes are making their way round the world via the new free PDF resource – Let The Show Go On.

The freshly printed Book Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes launched on 11th October 2014 with a Poetry Party at Plan B Cafe, 165 Bruce Highway, Edmonton in FNQ.

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This A5 book features Amy Sheehan’s illustrations and 34 Science Rhymes poems.  The book can be purchased on-line through Harleys Educational in Cairns.  It is also available from Collins Booksellers, Smithfield and Plan B Café.

Watch the video “A Day In The Life Of A Proud Published Poet” by Suz Cray at ABC Open.  Check out “Science & the poetry formula” featured in the Cairns Weekend Post (27th November 2011).  You can find a log of Science Rhymes events, achievements and interesting science links on the public Facebook site Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes.

Children are budding scientists. They want to pull things apart to see how they work, create their own experiments and continually ask questions. So it makes sense to incorporate science education into their experiences from an early age. Entertaining rhymes can be a part of this.

This site contains examples of rhyming verse written by Celia Berrell to inspire and encourage children (and adults too) to explore scientific concepts within the artistic medium of poetry.

Support for Science Rhymes was awarded by the Regional Arts Development Fund to further develop poems and have them assessed for their scientific accuracy and educational merit by James Cook University Science Educator Dr Clifford Jackson. This project concluded in 2012. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

There are no poems relating to human reproduction within these collections, so as to avoid any concerns about the age levels of viewers. Links to other websites have likewise been carefully considered.

Scary Shadows Energy and change Light
Light Shadows; sunlight; artificial light

Scary Shadows

Scary Shadows by Celia Berrell

My shadow on a sunny day
when standing clear of any tree
starts at my feet and makes a shape
of black that looks a bit like me.

But when it’s dark a table-lamp
will cast a shadow on the wall.
And down the hall the shape it forms
will hardly look like me at all.

The shadow from a light close-by
creates a kind of monster shape.
That slithers round the walls and doors
like vampires in their long black capes.

When lights are dim the shapes look weird.
We conjure-up all kinds of gloom.
There are no monsters, vampires, ghosts.
It’s just the shadows in the room.

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Aurora Borealis Energy and change Forces
Magnetic Fields Earth; solar wind; Magnetosphere

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Aurora Borealis

A Food Chain Life and Living Animals
Eaten and be eaten: feeding relationships Food-chain; phytoplankton; photosynthesis

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Why Investigation Facts & Myths
Investigating Science Changing Views


Why by Celia Berrell

Why as a child is a popular word.
It shows that we want to know more of our world.
And sometimes we learn
some incredible things:

Like why the sky’s blue
and what is a gnu
and how you can catch
the measles and ‘flu.
And back in the past
how much harder life was
because of the things
that nobody knew.

It’s part of our nature to want to know why
despite that the answer’s a truth or a lie.
And sometimes we learn
some incredible myths:

Like why Santa comes
only once a year.
And when can a stork
bring a baby here.
Descriptions of monsters
that cause us great fear.
And how crystal balls
make everything clear.

And so as a child, the answers’ all true.
Until we grow up and think them all through.
But even an adult will sometimes find
it’s not always easy to change their mind!

Light Years Earth and Beyond Stars
Measuring distances in space Speed of light; distance; time

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Light Years

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