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Celia Berrell’s SECOND FORTY
This one page pdf tables 40 poem titles and their links on AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN’S POETRY.  Listed is a precis of each poem and its poetry prompt theme.  You agree to acknowledge all copyright in relation to this.
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Tree of Life Life & Living Plants
Ecological Relationships Environment; interdependence

Tree of Life

Gigantic tropical rainforest tree.
Towering powering with the sun.
Ancient and precious mahogany.
We grow in your splendour one by one.

You are a provider of nourishment.
A home and access to worlds on high.
Without you the creepers could barely climb.
And highways of vines would not pass by.

Your flowers and fruit bear food for all.
From bats and beetles to butterflies.
And in the exchange they spread your seed.
Finding a clearing beneath the skies.

And by all your footholds buttress proud
young saplings jostle to start a race.
So in the event you fail and fall
they’re ready to surge and take your place.

And under your shade the fungi stand.
Adorned in their ghostly poison clothes.
For here life and death rule hand in hand.
Decay is the source of all that grows.

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