National Science Day

The 28th February is a day for scientific celebration. Since 1987, National Science Day has honoured Nobel Prize-winner Sir Chandrasekhara Venkarta Raman and all things scientific in India. Discovering the “Raman Effect” (named in his honour) in 1928 has provided fantastical new ways of “seeing” with certain light-waves.

The Raman Effect  by Celia Berrell
(Sir Chandrasekhara Venkarta Raman 1928)

Raman’s a knight
and Nobel prize winner
for physics in light.
A new radiation
he came to detect.
A scatter of rays
called the “Raman Effect”.

This change in light’s wavelength
when passing-on through
a gas or some substance
in spectroscope view
reveals the ID of
its chemistry zoo.
A tool to make
scientist’s dreams come true!

Doing no damage
discerning gem quality;
checking a pill
for content and purity.
Uses: amazingly
varied and rife.
Such as scanning remotely
for Mars signs of life.