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“Rhyming verse allows us to state the obvious without seeming foolish” says Celia Berrell. “This science resource creates comparisons between known and unknown ideas, giving it the freedom to be bizarre, amusing and memorable. There is a sense of security and familiarity in the framework of rhymes. Some children can think ahead and anticipate the identity of the next rhyming word, allowing the poetry to hold its audience on a variety of levels. Each verse breaks the information into small steps – and sometimes the rhymes provide mnemonics to aid memory.”

The use of a tabulation format at the start of each poem acts as a speedy point of reference to aid in locating a specific topic. There are tables listing all poem titles within each series, along with key concepts/words and the specific curricula module it relates to. These will be made available for direct download as this site becomes established.

Once a primary school teacher herself, the author understands the need for quick and accessible resources for teachers who go the extra distance to make their lesson topics as interesting as possible.

Springing To Action Energy and change Forces
Forces and their effects Springs; flexibility; energy

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Springing To Action by Celia Berrell

Sprrr-ing is such an active word.
You can hear it gathering up its force.
Ready to burst out a kind of ping.
Releasing its energy on a course.

It’s the name we give to the season when
all living things gear up to abound.
We use it to label a water source
that’s pushing its way through the spongy ground.

It’s also the name we give a device
that bends and moves but will not crack.
It’s often metallic and flexible.
If it’s pushed or pulled, it does the same back.

A spring isn’t always a coiled-up wire.
It could be a curve or a V-shaped bend.
Like a bow that shoots arrows through the air
or a pair of tweezers with open ends.

A spring can be made from a plastic mould.
a blister or mound or a curvy dome.
They’re hidden in keyboards for typing things
or used on the pad of a mobile phone.

A pen you can click, a used paper-clip.
A clock that goes tick, a peg you can grip.
A doorknob that twists. A bike bell that rings.
It’s likely they’ve all got some kind of Sprrr-ing!

Battle of the Bulge Earth and Beyond Forces
Gravity Earth; Moon; Gravity; Friction; Tides

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Battle of the Bulge

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