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What is the approximate speed of light? Find out by watching the video clip Light Years

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The first volume of Science Rhymes is no longer available as the free PDF titled Slightly Scientific Vol 1 as it has now been published as a hard-copy A5 book titled Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes, which is available on-line through Harley’s Educational (AUD $9.50). It is also sold (for about one dollar) as a Kindle eBook from Amazon Australia.

  • Scientriffic magazine has been publishing Celia’s work for many years now. Her poems are a different way for young readers to enjoy science stories. They bring science to life with imaginative language, and a sense of fun and play” JASMINE FELLOWS – Editor, Double Helix Publications, CSIRO Publishing
  • “We have been delighted to use Celia’s structured rhymes as a science resource for pre-service teachers since 2010. They provide an intuitive approach to key concepts within the primary science curriculum.” ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR HILARY WHITEHOUSE – Education, James Cook University
  • “Working with Celia’s science rhymes is a creative route into the science curriculum. Children engage with the humour, rhythm and rhyme, grasping science concepts almost by accident.” ANGELA UTLEY MSc BEd Hons – Classroom Teacher and Assistant Head-teacher UK

All 34 illustrated poems are on topics relevant to the primary science curriculum and have been vetted by James Cook University Science Educator Dr Clifford Jackson for their scientific accuracy and educational merit. Dr Jackson concludes that “… the poems are very creative and model a text that is understood in science education. The poems will help my students to see the potential in different mediums in science teaching. Overall Science Rhymes is an excellent project that will have considerable long term benefits for people who use the resources on this site.”

The tables below indicate the word/concept content of the poems, nine of which are displayed throughout this website.

Earth and Beyond

Poem Title Concepts/Words Category Topic
Beyond The Horizon Earth; flat; round; horizon The structure of the Earth Earth
Igneous Hot-Rock Earth structure; rocks; volcanoes Igneous rocks Earth
Mountain Cry Earth’s crust; mountains; rock words & sizes Rocks Earth
Trickling Through Time Mountains; erosion; water Erosion Earth
Light Years Light; speed; distance; stars Measuring distance Space

Energy and Change

Poem Title Concepts/Words Category Topic
Aurora Borealis Earth; solar wind; Magnetosphere Magnetic fields Forces
Battle of the Bulge Earth; Moon; gravity; friction; tides Gravity Forces
Dipsy Divers Pressure; air; water; equalisation Air pressure Forces
Shifting a Box Friction; movement Friction Forces
Springing into Action Springs; flexibility; energy Forces and their effects Forces
Starch Marbles Plants detect gravity Gravity Forces
The Air Earth; air; storms; light distortion; gravity Forces and their effects Forces
Absolute Zero Solids; liquids; gases; atoms Temperature Heating & cooling
Warm and Fluffy Insulators; conductors; animals Heating Heating & cooling
Moonbeams Moon; Sun; reflection Reflection of light Light
Scary Shadows Sunlight; artificial light; shadows Light Light
Squiggle and Bump Spectrum; colour; sky Light Light
Howling Sirens Pitch; volume; frequency Sound Sound
The Doof Doof Car Vibration; bass notes Sound Sound

Life and Living

Poem Title Concepts/Words Category Topic
A Food Chain Food-chain; phytoplankton; photosynthesis Eat and be eaten: feeding relationships Animals
The Octopus Riddle Adaption; characteristics Habitats and environments Animals
You Are Not Alone Microbes; germs; interdependence Factors affecting survival: Biotic Animals
A Funny Exercise Human health; heart; blood; lungs Circulatory system Human Body
Bad Apples Sound, touch, smell, sight; enquiry Human senses Human Body
Growing Teeth Human health; teeth; animal comparisons Digestive system Human Body
Sleepy Head Skull; jaw; muscles; movement Support and movement system Human Body
Timmy’s Mouth Caring for human young; hazards; safety Needs of living things Human Body
Buried Treasure Seed dispersal by animals; food Plant systems Plants
Ode to the Loam Soil properties; benefits and detriments; eco-systems Plant systems Plants
Picking Flowers Fertilisation; seeds; life-cycle Plant systems; reproduction and flowering plants Plants

Natural and Processed Materials

Poem Title Concepts/Words Category Topic
Candle Wax Melting; solidifying; fuel Changing in state Properties
Ice Floats Water; solid; liquid The three states of water Properties
Indirect Observation Air; effects from observation The gas state Properties
Water Droplets Liquids; water Substances: structure properties and uses Properties


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