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Please leave a comment if you have time. Your feedback is appreciated. Your constructive criticisms and suggestions are welcomed as they encourage me to try harder. Some of the most valuable feedback and suggestions have been received from  young children. Thank you for your gifts of wisdom!  Here are some of the comments received so far:

“Thank you so much for sending us the poem. You have a fantastic website too. I’m impressed at how you tie in the poems with the curriculum. You’ve created a fantastic resource for teachers.”

Jasmine Leong, Scientriffic Editor, CSIRO Education. 16/9/2009

“Your poems are AMAZING and they will be accepted at the right time by the right people. I really have enjoyed reading them and showing them to my friends, we laugh that they are written to target a younger audience. We are all well and truly out of school but still learnt so so much from them and really enjoyed it in the process!”

Amy Sheehan, Wanaka, New Zealand (when she first started illustrating the poems) 29/10/2008

“The Australian Curriculum prioritises literacy as a key focus of every learning area. One issue with literacy in science is that teachers and students often only think about experiment write-ups. The poems open another avenue for students to explore. The poems will be an important tool in teaching science concepts as they are scientifically accurate and use rhyme and rhythm to help students to remember key facts and concepts. The poems are very creative and model a text that is understood in science education.  The poems will help my students to see the potential in different mediums in science teaching. Overall Science Rhymes is an excellent project that will have considerable long term benefits for people who use the resources on this site.”

Dr Clifford Jackson, Science Educator/Lecturer, School of Education, James Cook University, Cairns. 30/03/2012


“I love your poems and would like to include them on our subject website. I think the poems with links to science curriculum would be most useful.”

From Ruth Zee, Teacher & Administration Officer, Department of Education, James Cook University, Cairns. 30/10/2008

“If I had your poems to learn by when I was a kid, learning would have been so much more fun and I am sure so much more information would have stuck in my mind.”

From Lynda Ingram, Hervey Bay, Queensland (one of my patient friends who will listen to my poems over the phone). 10/4/2009

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