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What is the approximate speed of light? Find out by watching the video clip Light Years

Christmastime Rhymes

Paperback: $19.99
ISBN: 9780645538151
Jabiru Publishing 2024











This bright little book holds 32 poems celebrating winter and Christmastime with a swish of science.  Topics include Santa and snowflakes, robins and reindeer, candles and crackers, and baubles and bells, all colourfully crafted into rhymes that delight and surprise readers of all ages.

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The Science Rhymes Book Second Edition

Paperback: $14.99
ISBN: 9780648292913
Jabiru Publishing 2018











70 fun-sized portions of biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences from the primary science curriculum are accurately served in short bursts of verse.  Poems include: Hibiscus in a Hurry (a fancy-dress pollen party); Don’t Eat Concrete (cooking is chemistry); Do Dolphins Kiss? (sounds squeaky) & Chocolate Box Planet (hard-centred Earth-choc).

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On receiving your email, we will reply with an attached invoice.  Each book costs $14.99.  Postage is $4 per book.  Once payment is received, we will arrange for your book(s) to be posted to the Name and Mailing Address given.

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All poems have been checked for scientific accuracy by James Cook University’s Science Educator, Dr Clifford Jackson. Dr Jackson concludes that “… the poems are very creative and model a text that is understood in science education. The poems will help my students to see the potential in different mediums in science teaching. Overall Science Rhymes is an excellent project that will have considerable long term benefits for people who use the resources on this site.”

This book is also available through Wallys Book Exchange in Hervey Bay and Maryborough, via post through Jabiru Publishing and as an eBook with Amazon Kindle.

  • Double Helix magazine has been publishing Celia’s work for many years now. Her poems are a different way for young readers to enjoy science stories. They bring science to life with imaginative language, and a sense of fun and play” JASMINE FELLOWS – Editor, Double Helix magazine, CSIRO Publishing
  • “We have been delighted to use Celia’s structured rhymes as a science resource for pre-service teachers since 2010. They provide an intuitive approach to key concepts within the primary science curriculum.” ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR HILARY WHITEHOUSE – Graduate Research Education, James Cook University
  • “Working with Celia’s science rhymes is a creative route into the science curriculum. Children engage with the humour, rhythm and rhyme, grasping science concepts almost by accident.” ANGELA UTLEY MSc BEd Hons – Classroom Teacher and Assistant Head-teacher UK

Poem titles already shared on this website include:

Light Years (distances in space) – Home page
Aurora Borealis (Earth’s magnetic field) – Home page
Scary Shadows (light and dark) – Home page
A Food Chain (eat and be eaten) – Home page
Springing to Action (flexible forces) – Poetry in Science page
Battle of the Bulge (Earth-Moon gravity) – Poetry in Science page

Book Review



The Bee is Not Afraid of Me: a book of insect poems

Paperback:   £8.99
ISBN: 9781912915118
The Emma Press UK 2021

Also available as an eBook
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This children’s anthology contains an amazing mix of scientific and poetic observations about the insect world.  Often shunned or dismissed, the insects in this book are curiously loved and respected.  But then, we couldn’t live without them!  It includes 2 of Celia’s poems: Ask a Katydid and True Bugs Are Suckers (first published in the CSIRO Double Helix  magazine Issue #10 in September 2016).


A World Full of Poems inspiring poetry for children

Hardback:   $39.99
ISBN: 9780241413906
Penguin Random House
Dorling Kindersley 2020

Purchase through Penguin

The environmental poem Piece by Peace features in the blue segment on Cities, Towns and Travel.  It is a great honour to be included in this children’s first poetry book! Profound and joyous topics are shared through well crafted short poems to delight and enlighten the youngest of listeners and their caring readers.

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