Double Helix Book Review

Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes is quietly collecting book reviews! It is a great honour to receive a positive review, because someone took time to read this book and then compose a thoughtful response. A big “thank you” to all those reviewers! If you ever have the time to share your own comments or review about this book, or the Science Rhymes website, they will be most graciously received.

Double Helix 7 15 Apr 16 SR Review

The latest book review is by school student Leo Marland. It appears in Issue #7 of CSIRO’s Double Helix Magazine. Congratulations Leo on having your kind words printed in this fantastic publication!

In 2015 school student Harmonie Larsen’s review was published in the Cairns Post newspaper’s “Post-Ed” section. Harmonie has a selection of science poems on this website (including the first guest blog about the Mangrove Army).

You can purchase the hard-copy version of Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes on-line from Harley’s Educational or in-store at Collins Booksellers, Smithfield. The Kindle eBook version is available through Amazon.

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A fellow poet from USA, Kevin D Taylor (author of The Cosmic Oddball) gave the first Science Rhymes review, providing fatherly approval and encouragement for author and reader alike.