Hunting Dragons

Hunting dragons among pages of gracefully flowing algae reminded me of being timelessly engaged with a puzzle challenge to find fairies craftily hidden in a picture when I was a child.  Only the Way of the Weedy Seadragon introduces us to a fascinating creature that really exists!

It’s not just a delightful picture book: it’s a science book, explaining the physiology, behaviour and charm of Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (that’s its Latin name) through a perfect combination of engaging facts and exquisite illustrations.

After reading the Way of the Weedy Seadragon, I’m proud to know they are native to the southern coasts of Australia.  (In fact they’re one of Victoria’s State Emblems!)  I found learning and viewing them in this enchanting and accurate portrayal was empowering – as well as provoking a sense of awe and care for these dainty fish.

When I asked Fraser Coast Libraries if I could borrow this recent CSIRO children’s publication, they kindly purchased a copy, so local residents can enjoy it too.  Author Anne Morgan and illustrator Lois Bury have created a winning partnership here.

Fairies may fly in our imagination, but dragons really snort and dance in our seas.  I hope you will check them out!

at Hervey Bay Library