Mangrove Army

Do you care about the ecosystem? I do! My name is Harmonie Larsen and I am the “founder” of the Mangrove Army. This is an organization that takes care of mangroves by looking out for illegally removed and damaged mangroves.

We are ordinary people with a difference – we care. We want to help out however we can. We want to get Mother Nature back on her feet, and we are doing this because we can.

You can join the Mangrove Army by sending in a report about a damaged mangrove, a bare bank or someone illegally removing mangroves. The Mangrove Army does not require payment to be a member, just commitment to keeping a lookout for damage to our ecosystem.


Mangrove Army  by Harmonie Larsen

Long, winding branches reach for the skyMangrove2
Like tall spindly animals stretching their necks
Mangroves that sway with the slightest of breeze;
these are the trees that we try to protect.

We need a group that will strive to defend
These beautiful, perfect and delicate trees
For they are important, they’re crucially vital
They are the plants that everyone needs.

So the Mangrove Army must work to protect
These trees that are so important for all
They protects our animals and cover our banks
We need your help – so answer the call …


Mangrove Army lectureHarmonie presenting her Mangrove Army concept to an audience at James Cook University in 2015