Poetry in Science

Why are the Earth and Moon falling out? Find out by listening to The Battle of the Bulge


  • A POEM can state the obvious without making us feel foolish
  • TOGETHER they can explore comparisons between familiar and unfamiliar ideas
  • POEMS are free to create bizarre and amusing mnemonics
  • STANZAS provide a secure framework, making new science concepts easy to take in
  • RHYMES help us think ahead, anticipating the next rhyming word
  • VERSES break up information into manageable segments
  • POETRY can be read and recited many times

Teachers who want to make their science lessons reach out to their students include a poem.  High-achieving students take on the challenge to write their own science poems.


Springing To Action Energy and change Forces
Forces and their effects Springs; flexibility; energy

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Springing To Action by Celia Berrell

Sprrr-ing is such an active word.
You can hear it gathering up its force.
Ready to burst out a kind of ping.
Releasing its energy on a course.

It’s the name we give to the season when
all living things gear up to abound.
We use it to label a water source
that’s pushing its way through the spongy ground.

It’s also the name we give a device
that bends and moves but will not crack.
It’s often metallic and flexible.
If it’s pushed or pulled, it does the same back.

A spring isn’t always a coiled-up wire.
It could be a curve or a V-shaped bend.
Like a bow that shoots arrows through the air
or a pair of tweezers with open ends.

A spring can be made from a plastic mould.
a blister or mound or a curvy dome.
They’re hidden in keyboards for typing things
or used on the pad of an old mobile phone.

A pen you can click, a used paper-clip.
A clock that goes tick, a peg you can grip.
A doorknob that twists. A bike bell that rings.
It’s likely they’ve all got some kind of Sprrr-ing!

Battle of the Bulge Earth and Beyond Forces
Gravity Earth; Moon; Gravity; Friction; Tides

Battle of the Bulge

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