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A delightful INDIE BOOK LAUNCH for CHRISTMASTIME RHYMES is happening at GOODY’S ON THE BEACH, 54 Moreton Street, Toogoom, QLD 4655 on Thursday 4th July from 10 to 10.30am.  Author Celia Berrell and friends will share a selection of poems for this CHRISTMAS IN JULY celebration.


The Christmastime Rhymes Facebook Page explains how this book’s collection of poems evolved and shares examples.  Including other Christmas-themed book reviews, it aims to encourage an acceptance for novel Christmastime celebrations.  You are welcome to follow, as the journey continues.

The artistry of CHRISTMASTIME RHYMES connects Christmas card scenes and symbols with a sprinkling of science, prompting smiles and surprises for all ages. 

Celebrations around the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice (21-22 December) have occurred for thousands of years.  They combine astronomy with angels; nature & myth with spirituality.  Historically, we rely on autumn harvests to survive the bleakness of winter.  Cheerful festivities of nourishment and gratitude help us through those lean months of winter.

Evergreen wreaths are a circular symbol representing the promise of spring’s return and eternal love.  This sentiment is beautifully captured in spiritual artist Sharon Davson’s painting A CURIOUS CHRISTMAS (unfinished) which features in the book’s cover design. 

A colourful wreath also accompanies each of the 32 poems in this little book.


Ann Moffatt Doctor of Engineering (honoris causa), Grad Dip Technology Management FACS, FBCS, CITP and author of The IT Girl.

“What a delightful book!!! A combination of poetry on a Christmas theme with a smattering of science. This book would enchant any child from age 3 to early teens. Each poem is crafted with love and care but often has that little bit of flawed rhyme that will encourage children to understand that strict rhyming couplets are not required to make a ‘perfect’ poem.  The ’science’ component is intriguing and will encourage the search for more science, always a good thing.”


Diane Finlay Author, Far North Queensland Coordinator for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and author of The Duck With No Quack

“This poetry collection is a delightful and humorous journey through all things festive; a blend of Christmas tradition, intriguing scientific snippets and a trip down memory lane to my own childhood in England. Celia’s ability to blend science with tradition in this collection will delight readers of any age no matter where in the world they are. My particular favourite is The Turkey of Christmas Past which cleverly explains the link between a turkey and a dinosaur.”


Jeanie Axton, Editor & Administrator (2017-2023) of Australian Children’s Poetry

“Celia has a way of making science fun and come alive in her poetry. She has a gift for bringing knowledge and creativity together.  I enjoy and always learn something from her work.”


Annette Ryan, DipT (TCAE) B.Ed (JCU) COGE (UNSW), Teacher-Librarian, Co-ordinator, Gifted Education Program, Whitfield State School, Queensland, Australia

“Prepare to be mesmerised by Celia Berrell’s wordsmith wizardry and her enchanting explanations as she shares memories of Christmas past with a subtle twist of science to warm your heart in this merriest of seasons.”


Rhondda Walters, Accountant & recent Grandmother

“Your little book of rhymes is just delightful and a wonderful way to teach young children that learning is fun.”