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Painting Wondering What Reality Is
by Sharon Davson
Inspired by lithograph Reptiles by M C Escher
In the collection of Darren Brace
Photograph by David Wallace

Reality Check by Celia Berrell

The frog of human consciousness
is poised upon a puzzle.
He contemplates reality.
It’s in a kind of muddle.

The frog of faith assures him
with the light of all creation
to just accept things as they are
and bask in love’s elation.

But reptile’s super-symmetry
has crept into his life.
Dodecahedron dragons hide
the Higgs and cause some strife.

And what about those space-time rifts?
Could multi-verses lie
entwined in gorgeous tangled greens
where once he saw just sky?

If only he could reach the key.
Unlock that big brown tome.
In case dark matter happens to
invade his humble home.

The frog of human consciousness
is yearning logicality
and wonders if it’s possible
to answer: What’s Reality?

On the verge of discovery…

Alien queen small

The 21st Century sees us poised in a puzzle that gets curiouser and curiouser as we delve further into the world of sub-atomic particles and then pan out to the expanding universe.

Many things don’t add up. Most of the mass of the universe seems to be missing. Are there really such things as dark matter and dark energy? And why does the sub-atomic world not fit with our understanding of the bigger picture?

Physicists are struggling to provide cohesive explanations and some of their latest suggestions are as intangible as questioning the existence of God.

This is a time of uncertainty. But it is also a very exciting time to be a scientific detective, searching for missing clues, such as the Higgs particle. There are some profound and fascinating discoveries just round the corner!



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