National Science Week

Australia celebrates National Science Week each year in August. EVERYONE is encouraged to participate. Here, on the Science Rhymes website, we invite you to submit your own rhyming poem about this year’s topic, LOVING LIVING THINGS, or other aspects of science and the environment.

Download the free PDF LOVING LIVING THINGS to help you get started!

When living in Cairns, Celia worked with Teacher-Librarian Annette Ryan at Whitfield State School, creating a POETRY CLUB where year 5 & year 6 students attended lunchtime meetings in the school library to learn some science, recite poems and get inspired to create their own verse about a science topic that captured their imagination. During National Science Week, we held a Poetry Recital where students delivered poems to an audience.  Perhaps you could do something similar at your school?

We will be delighted to receive your science poem submissions by email at  All your poems will be considered for this year’s Science Rhymes blog, POETRY ZOO, in support of Science Week’s theme of Species Survival – More Than Just Sustainability.  Please email your poems by Monday 29th July to participate.  This invitation is open to everyone (all ages).

We prefer poems that:  1) rhyme  2) are 1-5 verses (up to 20 lines) long  3) contain some science.

And for school-age poets, please send your poem via a parent/adult email address so we can reply.


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Making a Calendar

When does your birthday next fall on a Sunday? How can we find out? Basically we’ll need a calendar!

Keeping track of time and the seasons has been one of man’s serious endeavours for thousands of years. Many different calendar systems have been used by various civilisations. There may be as many as forty different calendars being used around the world at this moment, particularly relating to determining religious dates and festivities. But most modern countries primarily rely on the Gregorian Calendar. Here’s a poem to help you empathise with our Gregorian Calendar system.

How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar How to Make a Calendar

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