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Science Rhymes by Celia Berrell are regularly published in the CSIRO’s Double Helix Magazine since Issue #1 July 2015.  They were previously published in CSIRO’s  Scientriffic Magazine from 2010 to 2015.  See the Double Helix page for some examples.


The School Magazine ORBIT #7 2018


Get Ahead Kids Magazine July-August 2010


Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion  by Celia Berrell

Newton was a clever man.
An avid scientific fan.
He questioned many things he saw.
Like ones we had no answers for.

He thought them through right to their cores.
Then gave us many handy laws.

Newton’s First Law Of Motion:
Without a force of push or pull
an object will remain quite still.
With just one push at just one time
that object moves in one straight line.

Newton’s Second Law Of Motion:
A bigger Force accelerates
an object that is heavy-weight.
While objects of a smaller mass
don’t need much Force to move them fast.

So Newton noticed they obey
that Force will equal m times a.

Newton’s Third Law Of Motion:
Now bend a stick. Before it cracks
you’ll feel its force of pushing back.
For every action there will be
an equal one – opposingly.

Without his formulas in place
we’d soon get lost in outer space.
So Isaac’s Laws help us traverse
the reaches of our universe.






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