Moon Poems

2019 marks 50 years since humans first landed on the Moon.  Below, we are sharing Moon Poems to celebrate.

I am the Bleeding Moon  by Kaya
(Whitfield State School)

When day turns to night,
I peek over the mountains,
As quiet as a still night.
I am the bleeding Moon.

Dogs howl,
Nocturnal animals scatter in fear,
Creatures scuttle.
I am the bleeding Moon.

I come every couple of years,
I float proudly above the clouds,
Full-faced in sunset’s lingering light.
I am the bleeding Moon.

Flash, snap, flash,
Crowds of people look up at me,
Like a throng of paparazzi.
Flash, snap, flash.

A soufflé of clouds
Brush against my blood-red, rusty face,
The I slowly,

Snuggle into a sleepy pillow
Of dark thunder-clouds covering my crimson face.
I wait patiently to return
And totally eclipse your night again.

Am the bleeding Moon.


Full-Moon by Jaryn
(Whitfield State School)

Oh Moon, full-Moon, you’re rising high,
a shiny coin in night-time’s sky.
Very mindful of your phases,
displaying all your different changes.
Sometimes thin and sometimes bright,
full-Moon is like a ball of light.
The Moon is weird in every way,
and that’s why I want our Moon to stay.


The Moon and our World by Jarrod
(Whitfield State School)

The Moon shines
as hounds whine.

People joke it’s only cheese
glowing through the fluttering leaves.

It spreads over our homes like a towel
as majestic wolves begin to howl.

Along with one-sixth gravity
it fascinates society,

giving surfers tidal waves
that swirl inside a crystal cave.

When astronauts walked on its surface,
humans had reached their furthest.


One Big Step for Me  by Ruby
(Whitfield State School)

Gathered round old televisions
or listening to radio stations
witnessing that “one big step”
fifty years ago.

rising and falling,
controlling the tides,
radiant and bright
though never alight.

Your dusty black land
with rocks, shards of sand,
highlands and craters
makes Moon’s unique textures.

There’s still so much to learn
so, to the Moon we will return.
I wonder …
will I ever get a turn?


Silvery Moonlight  by Georgia
(Whitfield State School)

The silvery Moon
shines softly at night,
giving us peace
and bright white light.

Sleepy children
off to bed,
stories read
to fill their head.

Kittens nuzzle,
puppies cuddle,
under the silvery Moon
they’ll huddle.

as elegant as can be,
circles the sky
so far from me.


Earth and Moon  by Amber
(Whitfield State School)

Moon’s silvery light across the water.
In the night she’s silver in colour,
reflecting light from the Sun.
That’s not all, there’s more to come.

No oxygen, no air,
Neil Armstrong was the first one there.
He wore an extra-special suit,
expensive as diamonds and loot.

If Earth’s a fishbowl full of water,
a cheeky fish that’s filled with laughter,
floats around our sea of space,
orbiting Earth.  Her favourite place.


My Moon by Nithya
(Minaret College)

The Moon and stars
play all night.
When Sun comes,
Moon disappears.

Moon and Sun fight,
Moon steals sunlight,
and that’s how it
glows in the dark.


My Satellite Poem by Lavanya
(Glendal Primary School)

We see it in the spacious sky
as if it floats so very high
reflecting light that grows so bright,
we sometimes cover our eyes.

Huge craters and flat plains called seas,
we sometimes gaze, amazed at these.
This is the Earth’s own satellite.
Our Moon, for everyone to see.