In Conversation – August 2016

For a while there, I imagined I was famous!CB-2 small

Talking with Rob Farquhar about some of the milestones that led to a modest income from my literary passions was a great honour. Rob is a fellow writer and accomplished Paid To Play Podcast host. If you have time, please check it out HERE. I hope we connect along the way – through topics including wild flowers and sci-fi writers, to the life-changing empowerment afforded by a health scare.

Informally, this is the tenth anniversary of my poetic journey which became Science Rhymes.  There’s always a present for you on the Science Rhymes website! My appreciation goes to the network and support received from talented friends and associates of many ages. And the necessary bravery and enjoyment for this interview process was thanks to my participation with Mt Sheridan Toastmasters Club.

PAID TO PLAY PODCAST: Celia Berrell, Science Poet: Episode 92